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Art & Digital Photography


Original Koi Triptych photo print on canvas. Measures approximately 36” x 54” (assembled 3 panels). Wonderful color shifts from bright sun to shadow, great detail, exciting fish movement and sparkling water reflections make it come alive.


Original photo print on canvas. Measures 24” x 36”. Art image wraps around stretcher bars. This is one of our most exciting prints from a series of psychedelic inspired art pieces. Brilliant green and orange colors float on the golden background to create free-flowing forms with dynamic movement. There is so much intricate detail and so many hidden surprises that this is almost a different picture every time you see it. Shown in vertical position, but may be hung horizontally as well.


                               Full View                                           Detail View


Original Man and Woman Photo Prints on canvas. Man measures approximately 8” x 18” and Woman measures approximately 11” x 18”. Part of a series of psychedelic inspired art pieces. Both feature bright orange and green figures that flow freely on a golden background with bright sparkles and bubbles make for dreamlike images.



Original Untitled photo print on canvas. Measures 24” x 36”. Photos show each view when rotated. This print is a part of a series of pyschedelic inspired art pieces. Everyone sees something different in this print and when rotated it totally changes to something else. The green and orange freeform shapes flow like liquid smoke and undulate sensuously to create opaque and transparent areas with subtle textures.


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